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How can I see my choreo without dancers?

I want to see and test my choreo idea before teach it to dancers.


What are the real costs of being unable to see choreo:

Studio rent $50/hr

Time of at least 3 dancers

More trainings

Dancers time, Studio rent, short deadlines, late staging…

Are you stressed about making choreo being dependent on dancers and producers?

Make choreo visible.
With ChoreoMate.

Here is an app which allows you to choreograph your movement, test it and be prepared when hitting the Studio. And it works with multiple dancers and scenography.


Just upload the video of yourself dancing your choreo and test it on stage with multiple dancers.



Wouldn’t it be great to see and test your choreo idea on the stage before hitting the Studio?

And change movements, test positions, use scenography.

All of that by yourself at home?

Learn more


Your movement

Intuitive design

All devices



We are strong team, hardworking with extensive experience in the field.

Let us introduce to you:

David, Katja and Primož

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