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Image by Usman Yousaf

How can I organize videos from rehearsals?

I want to have all videos from rehearsals recorded by dancers in one folder on my phone. 

Your rehearsal choreo is being recorded by a dancer...

Dancer sends you video by AirDrop. Your Photos app is full of videos. And you don’t have a backup.


What are the real costs of unorganized videos:

Loss of video material

Time consuming

More trainings

Wouldn’t it be great if every dancer could upload their video into same rehearsal folder?

And you sort it depending on the relevance of the videos.

On your own phone.


Image by Gilles Lambert

Make videos organized.
With ChoreoMate.

We have developed an app where you set a rehearsal folder.

Authorize your dancers and they can upload videos from their phones into same rehearsal folder.

Then you sort uploaded videos depending on the relevance.

On your own phone.


All videos in one folder

Upload from any phone

Intuitive design

All devices

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We are strong team, hardworking with extensive experience in the field.

Let us introduce to you:

David, Katja and Primož

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